Welcome to The Episcopal Church of St. James on the Parkway

LOCATION: 3225 East Minnehaha Parkway — Minneapolis, Minnesota 55417    We’re located at the NW corner of East Minnehaha Parkway and 33rd Avenue South.

SUNDAY WORSHIP:   8:00 – 9:00 a.m.      and         10:30 – 11:45 a.m. 



We extend a special welcome to you who are single, married, or divorced. To you who are figuring out what’s next in a relationship, and to those who, today at least, are just fine with where you are in life. We welcome you if you’re gay or straight, or maybe were one thing yesterday and wonder if you might be another tomorrow.

St. James especially welcomes seniors — teenagers who’d rather be somewhere else — and folks of any age figuring out how to add church to everything else already on their weekend schedules.

We welcome you if you’re tall or short, skinny as a rail, or spreading a bit through the middle. We welcome you whether you do cartwheels — or know that simply walking down the street raises a risk of falling. We welcome introverts and extroverts, as well as folks who really don’t care for that kind of labelling in the first place. We welcome those who think cats (or dogs? or butterflies?) are the coolest things on earth. If you long for Minnesota’s snowy winters of years past you’ll find a niche at St. James — so too if January finds you casting a wistful eye to the south.

If you’re hiding depression. If you’re scared for the safety of your sister or your son … your mom, your husband, or the woman next door. Please come to St. James.

Worried about having wronged somebody? You’re welcome among us. Trying to hide your faults? Come be a part of us. Losing sleep about your job — your furnace — or where you’re going to find bus fare next week? You’ll fit right in.

We welcome you whether you wear denim, or silk. Four-inch stilettos or loafers with argyle socs. Whoever you are, we welcome you. Because we’re all children of God.

At St. James, you’ll find: handicapped accessibility, enhanced sound projection, gluten free bread at communion, and a welcoming environment for service animals.



Please stop by next Sunday!

                     Worship 8 – 9 or 10:30 – 11:45 AM.


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