Acorn and the Search for a Priest

Meeting July 27, Acorn 2020 considered the impact of Fr. Young’s just-announced retirement on its search for a path to a sustainable parish future.

Agreement was quick that Acorn’s search should help define the context of the search for a new priest by the Vestry and bishop. By design, Acorn and the Vestry are strongly linked already, with three Vestry members appointed to Acorn from the start last September.

Acorn members expressed strong hope that the new St. James priest will join their discussions as soon as she or he arrives. Acorn’s deadline for a recommendation to the Vestry is the end of this year.

Meanwhile work has begun on Acorn’s five-part search for potential partners whose mission is compatible with St. James history and values and with ability to help address the building and budget realities here. Acorn strongly invites parishioners with interest and ideas in any of these areas to join in the work. The five explorations and Acorn contacts for each are as follows:

Children’s Education — Rosemary Caspar (

Partner Neighborhood Congregations — Tony Morley ( and Louis Hoffman (

Partner Episcopal Congregations — Anne Scheible (annebillscheible@gmail.- com) and Victor Gonzales (

Multi-faith Center — Anne Scheible ( and Ruth Anne Olson (

Arts-oriented Neighborhood Center — Joe Ordos (





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