Saint James On The Parkway

Address3225 East Minnehaha Parkway Minneapolis, Minnesota 55417

Phone: (612) 724-3425
E-mail: <>

Transition Priest: The Rev. Dr. William Heisley  <>

Office Administrator: Ms. Beth Harvey  <>

Please note that all of our staff are part-time, so response to your phone calls and emails may be delayed.  Peace be with you.

Staff and Vestry


  • Transition Priest: The Rev. Dr. William Heisley
  • Office Administrator: Beth Harvey <>
  • Music Directors: Elizabeth Athorn and Cliff Athorn  <>
  • Bookkeeper: Nancy Wood
  • Sexton: Margaret Lundell


  • Senior Warden: Louis Hoffman <>
  • Junior Warden: Patrick Morley <>
  • Members: Karen Alexander, Jeanne LaBore, Jim Larson, Katie Mytty, Mary Nease, and Debrai Ramos.


  • Clerk: Kerry Nelson
  • Treasurer: Anthony Morley