Lay Service

During services, lay participants help in a variety of ways from reading lessons to bearing the chalice during Communion. Eucharistic Ministers, Intercessors, Lectors, Acolytes, Vergers, and more all provide service to the faith community. If you think you might be interested in serving in one of these key roles, please contact Fr. William Heisley (Except where noted).

Altar Guild: Contact Rosemary Caspar. Prepares the sanctuary and altar for services. Members meet twice per year for cleaning and organization (2 Sat. mornings/year). Training and support supplied to new members. Commitment is for 1 to 1.5 hours per assignment (covers set-up and take down).

Acolyte: Lights the candles for services, carries the cross and torches into and out of the sanctuary for service, and assists the priest during the service. Training provided. Adults welcome.

Bread Baker: Bakes the Eucharistic bread and delivers it to the Altar Guild for 10:00 am Sunday services. Recipe provided. Bread bakes in less than 15 minutes. Rotation is once every several weeks.

Chalice Bearer: Assists the priest in serving the chalice during the Holy Eucharist. Training and certification provided. Rotation is once every several weeks.

Intercessor: Leads the Prayers of the People. Prayers are sent to the reader the week prior to the service. Petitions are added based on prayer book information and current events. Rotation is once every several weeks. Training provided.

Lector: Reads the first and/or second lessons on Sundays or Special Services. Also reads the psalm in summer months. Readings mailed to Lector the week prior to the service. Training and support provided. Rotation is once every several weeks.

Greeter/Usher: Welcomes people to Saint James, distributes service bulletins, takes attendance, collects and presents offering to priest, ushers the people to communion, straightens up pews after service. 10:30 Service Only. Rotation is once every couple of months.