First Nations Kitchen

Since 2008, St. James has been honored to join with All Saints Episcopal Indian Mission in Minneapolis, on Sunday evenings, to cook and serve healthy, organic, traditional food. While all are welcome at the table, First Nations Kitchen serves primarily Indigenous people in the Twin Cities, particularly residents of nearby Little Earth of the United Tribes, the largest Indigenous urban housiing community in the United States.

First Nations Kitchen models environmentally sustainable practices in all aspects of its program. Dinners are based on an ancestral diet of First Nations people: buffalo, elk, fish, deer, turkey, wild rice, and as well as fresh fruits and vegetables. Composting and recycling practices assure a minimal waste of natural resources.

Over the decades, St. James children and youth have thrived in their volunter work with First Nations Kitchen — choosiing to set tables, serve meals, washing dishes and sweeping floors.

Watch the calendar for Sundays when St. James staffs several shifts starting in the mid-afternoon: set-up, cooking, serving and clean-up.