Gifts of Stock

Many people choose to make stock gifts to St. James. Giving stock held more than 12 months offers a two-fold tax savings.  One, you will avoid paying capital-gains tax on the increase in value of your stock. Two, you will receive a tax deduction for the full fair market value of the stock on the date of the gift.

Subtracting the tax savings from what you originally paid for the stock can result in a gift that costs just pennies on the dollar. This is an excellent giving option for stock that has appreciated substantially in value.

Transfer of stock can be an especially-easy and effective way to donate to St. James. Please contact your broker or financial advisor, who will ask for the following information.

St. James Stock Transfer Information

Brokerage Firm: TD Ameritrade

DTC# 0188

St. James Account #: 866743334

Tax ID#:41-0872481

Please notify St. James when you have completed your request to your broker, to ensure timely processing of your gift.

Please contct Treasurer Tony Morley at <> or 612-377-5717 with any questions.