Haiti Partnership

Onè! Respe! — A traditional Haitian greeting.

In 2007, St. James was looking for ways to expand our already-vigorous activities of community service and justice. 

The result, one year later, was the creation of our partnership with the Episcopal Church and School of Bonne Nouvelle, in the mountain village of Bigonet, Haiti. It is a friendship that has changed the lives of many: Haitians and Minnesotans of all ages as, together, we learn the transformational power:


— of generosity, in supporting expansion and academic success of Bonne Nouvelle’s school, recovery from earthquake and hurricane, and – in the acts of giving-and-receiving – mutuality of new understandings of the role of economic affluence and poverty in our lives. Click here for tales of mutual generosity (inc. a look at how we raise — and spend — partnership funds.


— of hospitality, as year-after-year, we welcome one another into our homes — sharing together the stuff of everyday life, in Bigonet and Minnesota. Click here for stories and photos of travelers .







— of lives lived in constancy and faith, grounded in trust in God and confidence of one another as each of us faces adversity in our own institutions and lives. Click here to see a gallary of shared worship.






— of the lessons of history, in the realities of conquest, slavery, revolution and independence across our two nations. Click here to read a brief history of Haiti — including intersections with Minnesota’s own past.


Click here to read about our partnership’s most-recent commitment: to build a new church with Bonne Nouvelle.