Liturgy (worship service)

Christianity draws its strength and vitality from the story of Jesus, God become Human, to enrich and empower our living. 

At St. James:

We hear four scripture readings and a sermon which links the power of scripture with the challenges of modern life.

We pray, keeping the needs of ourselves and others in our hearts and on our lips.

We sing, a rich mix of traditional and contemporary songs of the Church.

We follow Jesus command, to share bread and wine. Variously called Eucharist, Holy Communion, Mass or the Lord’s Supper, this ritual remembers Christ’s sacrifice on the cross.

Children and youth are central to the worship of St. James. Our PrayGround is one of our great joys. It’s in the sanctuary, at the back — with couches to sit on, rugs to crawl on, and activities for children and youth of all ages.

Older children and youth often offer leadership during worship. Some serve as acolytes — carrying the cross in the processional and recessional, and in between, participating as members of the worship team. On Youth Sundays, usually the 1st Sunday of each month, teens and pre-teens are especially active in 10:30 worship — reading the Scripture and leading Prayers of the People.

Even if you know nothing about going to church ….. maybe especially if you know nothing about going to church. Come. Join us, and let the rich beauty of the liturgy embrace you into a deeper love of God and humankind!