St. James has a long tradition of high quality music: adult and youth choirs, annual liturgical pageants, instrumental music, St. James Trio, and Haitian music as a result of our partnership with the parish of Bonne Nouvelle in Bigonet, Haiti. We encourage active participation from the congregation in all the music that we do.

Sunday Rehearsal

Our many music activities are currently directed by husband and wife team: Cliff and Liz Athorn. Cliff is the choir director and Liz plays organ and piano for services and rehearsals. Both have advanced degrees in music and are long-time members of St. James and of the Episcopal Church.

The Athorns’ depth of commitment to the community of St. James is far-reaching — their children, and now grandchildren, having been brought up at St. James and having participated in the music of this church for many years. Their son Max and daughter-in-law Stacey, both trained singers, are active participants in the music program as choir members and soloists and as leaders of the Youth Choir program.

St. James is also blessed with the gifts of Jane Hoffmann, our soprano section leader and soloist, who has sung with our choir for many years.

To learn more about St. James rich music traditions, please click on the following links: for information about our adult choir, about our youth choir and annual pageants, about instrumental music, and about our growing traditions with Haitian music.