Nokomis Serves

Along with Minnehaha United Methodist and Lake Nokomis Lutheran, St. James is a founding member of Nokomis Serves — an inter-denominational partnership designed to expand our reach in addressing the needs of our neighbors and people across the globe.

If you’re interested in helping with any of the following, please email the listed contact person.

  • MinneHarvest. Sheldon Bolstad  <>
  • Simpson Housing: meals and sandwiches. Maureen Trepp. 612-724-7620
  • Meals on Wheels. Rachel Larason. 612-729-8067
  • Loaves and Fishes. Diane Slovik. <>
  • Beacon Interfaith Housing Collaborative. Robbie Becker <>
  • Emma Norton Residence. Maureen Trepp. 612-724-7620
  • Dignity Drive. Jenia Strom. 612-721-6231
  • Holidy Gifts. Anne Scheible.<>
  • Cherish All Children. Ginny Rudloff. 612-751-5214
  • Haiti Partnership. Kurt Hall <>