Education for all at St. James

At St. James we believe that the aim of Christian formation is for the Church to be the family of God’s community that nurtures its members in the Gospel story, which explains our understanding of the world, our identity in it, and the way of life we are to lead in it.

We stand with the 3rd Century theologian Tertullian, who said, “Christians are made, not born.” Christianity is a way of life, the life of the baptized. As such it is an on-going, lifelong pursuit. Christian formation is critical reflection on what we participate in and practice, on our thoughts, feelings, actions, and experiences in the light of the Gospel and the life of faith.

This means learning about the Bible, about Christian theology and ethics, about the spiritual life, and about Christian service and ministry. It also includes learning the skills of biblical interpretation, theological thinking, ethical decision-making, the discernment of God’s will and ways of prayer. In our Anglican tradition, Scripture, tradition, and reason all inform this process.

The intent behind this work is to produce transformation, to aid us to reform and renew our personal and communal lives, to bring them into line with more Christ-like lives. This task is as much communal as it is individual, insomuch as the whole life of the congregation forms Christians in either positive or negative ways. We “teach” and we “learn” in everything we do together.

“You are never too old to learn or too young to teach.”

Join us as we explore together our life in Christ.