Young Children in Worship


We’re glad your here. And our PrayGround in the back of the sanctuary is one of our pride and joys. We love the sound of kids in our service and are eager to make sure that our worship service is a good experience for them, and for you.

Relax. It’s okay for kids to be kids.

Sit close. If you want your children to sit with you, consider sitting up front where it’s easier for kids to see and become engaged in what’s happening. Please give it a try. If you feel too conspicuous, you can always move back.

Explain. Kids are curious. Explain what’s happening in the service.

Participate. Kids learn by mimicking what you do. If you sing, pray, respond, etc. — your kids likely will follow yur lead.

Wander. It’s okay to move around. We have a special spot for kids and nursing moms in the back corner of the sanctuary. There’s a rocking chair, books, a few toys.

And, finally, you’ll find a well-equipped area through the small door on the east side of the sanctuary. That’s the home of Mandala Montessori Pre-School. You’re free to use that area, but you’ll need to stay with your children there, and supervise their play.

Be sure to come back.